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A Healing Year:

Daily Meditations for Living with Loss


When a loved one dies, it is true that those left behind go through common stages of grief. But it must be remembered that, while we all endure that particular grief which is common, each does so on his or her own time, and in his or her own way. This book addresses the individuality of loss, with the abiding concept that it is only through listening to our own lives and stories that we can begin to make sense of the effects the loss of a loved one has on our own stories. Paying attention to this, we can begin healing - one day at a time.

Music Therapy


Music, it is said, hath charms to calm the savage breast. Whether we're concert pianists or singers-in-the-shower, all of us are continually inspired and encouraged by the place of all kinds of music in our life. With the aid of illustrations by R.W. Alley, this book celebrates the power music has in our lives to bring a depth of emotion that few other things can.


When Someone You Love Has Cancer:

A Guide to Help Kids Cope


Few things affect a family’s everyday life like the presence of an illness like cancer. Whether it’s a grandparent, another family member, a teacher or neighbor or friend, children especially experience confusion, fear and misunderstanding. This book will help kids cope with the presence of cancer in their lives. Book includes 14 wonderful, full-color, full-page illustrations, and some 40 helpful pointers written expressly for children 4-12. A rare and excellent resource!


In Times of Pain or Illness


Since the beginning of religious expression, people have been about the business of praying for those loved ones who suffer from pain and illness. What is more difficult, perhaps, is praying, not for another, but for ourselves. When we are those who are touched by illness or pain, we oftentimes find it more challenging to even begin. This books helps those who suffer to tap into that spiritual connection which has already been begun, helping to bring about healing and relief.

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