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  • Alaric Mark Lewis

On memories and what's important

One of the enjoyable functions of Facebook is the memories section which shows what you posted on that day in past years. Since I traditionally haven't used Facebook much for anything except keeping up with family and friends far away and posting photos of places I want to remember, these snapshots into the past are a nice supplement to my ever-present journal. So I read this morning that eight years ago today - Easter Sunday 2012 - having finished services, I was heading to the airport to go once again to Budapest (my favourite European city). I can also see that I received a lovely photograph of my great-niece Claire in her Easter finery. Since I have no idea when next I'll see Claire or Budapest, it's nice to have these little reminders pop up on my phone. They help me see what was cherished and important to me at a particular time in my life.

I wonder, skipping ahead to 2028, what I'll make of my Facebook posts from this time period. What will I see as cherished and important? Well, since all of these prayer services and daily thoughts are going on Facebook, I would have to say that prayer is at the top of the list. I would like to think that it always has been - I am, after all, now just making available online what I do on my own anyway. But speaking and writing of prayer every single day is not something I have ever really done before - not like this, anyway. I'd like to think that when "normal" life returns with its meetings for which I must actually leave the house and its administration and administration and administration that I'll remember this period, how prayer was the principal focus of my day, and not something to get done between other things.

It bears reflection. As our way of life has changed so drastically - seemingly overnight - it gives us an unprecedented opportunity to really think about what that life looked like before, and what it looks like now. What has become cherished and important to us? And how can we make sure that that which has become cherished and important continues to inspire and give us life?

Deep questions for a Wednesday - I know - but I think we've all got time to grapple with them. In a year's time these very words and this very prayer service will pop up on my phone. It'll be interesting to know where God will have led us by that time. I'll let you all know.

(Hopefully from Budapest.)

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